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Shariah Trainings

Shariah Trainings have been designed by taking edge of the highly qualified professionals to cope with latest challenges.

Shariah Advisory & Consultancy services

We ensure our clients to receive comprehensive advices with respect to their core businesses and functions.

Shariah Audit

ASAS provides an effective risk based Internal and External Shariah audit and compliance Services with quality assurance reviews.

Business Sectors

Financial Sectors, Non-Financial Sectors, SME & Corporate Sectors, Sole Proprietorships, Partnership Businesses and Individuals.

Key Focus

Customized Solutions for Shariah Consultancy, Shariah Audit & Assurance and Shariah Trainings.

Directions & Plans

Directions & Plans are forecasted to provide the Shariah Advisory & Consultancy for all businesses.


Address: Mezzanine Floor, Plot No. 71-E, 11th Commercial Street, DHA Phase II-Ext, Karachi

Phone: +92 317 0284926



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